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Казино рояль hd торрент

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  1. Tommy Kraft. If you are as committed to the idea that:
    The Time Has Come To Show People That Nobody is Nobody

    Which means every human being and sentient creature, possibly including mycelium and all else, has the Force in it. Living things are connected and deserve to be understood. I have been trying to live the phrase, Think Globally, Act Locally. I want to do more. If there is any way I can help in your effort to spread the understanding, please let me know. Our values and Love define us.
    I thank you for another wonderful chapter in the Star Trek, in the human adventure, to bend the arc of the present and the future towards justice, enlightenment, and Love.
    Lets not let the Kessler effect or any analog deter us.
    May we all Live Long and Prosper, Together.

  2. Seems like real people. Thanks 4 a good work on animation professionalism 💖

  3. So just like most Romulans who go to the past they kill people and worlds instead of giving a warning to Romluas?

  4. I enjoyed this amateur movie, Its that simple. All the other carried away this ought to be on netflix or 
    this is better than the real movies are useless comments and simply untrue. Please keep making these movies because I dont watch netflix anymore and wont pay to see any of the REAL movies. Well done.

  5. Planet covered with forests and wildlife has no life signs… seems legit.

  6. First class effects, yet horrible acting. Those actors might have been able to pull it off if only director really meant it. Such a pitty

  7. ok it is good — thanks. however: we Old Timers believe the Young Timers should also be exposed to more leesss grandiose stories. can Thumbbody read some of those classic André Norton? yeah, just simple old fashioned masterpieces — with true wonder, less explosions. try ms Nortons The Zero Stone as a start: you Get: ancient races, lost technologies, space archeology, a ships cat that compilsively eats a junior gemologists interesting gem, and gets pregnant giving birth to Eet!…. ey Eet really looks like the daughter of a ships cat! use your fantastic technologies, with a less booom boooom … master sf painter Jeff Jones made a Nice cover … still ahead. anyway Respec . googlable The Zero Stone. in Nortons extended PreCursors milkyway. The Zero Stone is part of a trilogy. so is her Moon of Three Rings — about a semi-sorceress running a little carnival with her strangely friendly and intelligent menageries. mind transfers Yes, big booooms not so much. off planet anthropology Yes. sorry open up your doors a bit .

  8. That was cool. Acting a little shaky. Dont call your captain Hawk. But for 20 k that was flatout fab…

  9. Visual effects were slick and the actors do really well. I wanted to see some different dialogue angles. Felt weird going from face to face to face. Or describing an anomaly, automatically zooming in on a monitor. But overall it was really cool.

  10. *Well enunciated, but its like theyre just repeating the lines theyve memorized*

  11. Terrific work you did for a star trek fan like myself. I was engaged to know more, I hope their is more star trek coming

  12. not a bad movie but suffers from jj abrahams syndrome …far too many lens flares & kwik cuts . but good effort by all envolved . well done

  13. An excellent excursion into the Treking universe. Done in the Roddenberry style for reportedly peanuts. Well done indeed.

    May you live long and prosper!

  14. When you love STU, you overlook what others complain about,, because you do love it. Thanks for a wonderful film.

  15. Just, WOW! Thank you for this! Way above my expectations! Kudos to all the crew for an excellent job!! Great acting, great photography, good story, fantastic CGI! More, please!

  16. Great storytelling and the pace of it was perfect. This has more heart than some of the other ST movies.

  17. I am 25 minutes into the movie and am finding it hard to believe this is a Star Trek movie. So far it is not up to Star Trek standards. Maybe part of it is because of everything in the background being blurred . I hope it gets better.

  18. Not enough seniority to be telling Capt. Archer and the Enterprise what to do. And the collars on the uniforms are out of control. A solid B me movie despite terrible acting

  19. Pretty good for being a non official film. But I hate time travel. And 99% of the time it wouldnt happen the way its portrayed in movies absolutely most likely. If someone says hurry go back in time to save us all! You wouldnt actually save them. When you travel back in time your actually traveling (to a different universe) sense your traveling to a different timeline. So you would be saving them in the universe your traveling to aka another timeline, but the people you left from the other timeline would still be doomed (because its a different universe). If time travel worked the way its portrayed in movies, then you would be seeing your friends, buildings, the environment, etc. Constantly morphing before your very eyes because of all the aliens out there in the universe tinkering and messing around with time travel (if its even possible to time travel at all). But thats not happening. Everything we see around us is stable, so thats pretty much proof that changing history by traveling to the past wont change the future of the timeline you just left because the time line you left (is a different universe altogether.)

  20. This came up on my home screen when I opened the YouTube app. It was really good!

  21. Well written and acted! Better than most fan works Ive seen.

    I will say that the weird lighting was distracting. Everything was either over or under lit.

  22. Too much talk in the beginning. Lacks the capture intrigue needed in the beginning.

  23. Pretentious nonsense — but still better than STD! 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Awesome. I hope that these types of videos drive Hollywood into the dirt.

  25. Excellent fan production! Good story, good acting, good SFX, in fact, good all around. My only complaint is that Im not really a fan of frequent lens flares and out-of-focus, short depth-of-field type cinematography. Probably looks good on a big gaming screen but my cheapie business laptop has a hard time keeping it all in focus. Very enjoyable film otherwise, though.

  26. This isnt star trek, its a knock off that lacks acting. Dont waste your time.

  27. As a passion project, this is fantastic. Dont compare this to a Hollywood production; youll be judging a project with orders of magnitude less infrastructure, money, access, and manpower. Instead, watch this knowing a handful of people willed this into being with virtually nothing to work with. Yeah. Amazing dedication.

  28. Absolutely amazing work! I wish we could fund a Special Edition done with the sort of rendering power this vision deserves.

  29. Actually very good. It holds true for me as someone that has enjoyed Star Trek back to when I watched it in black and white on TV in the 1960s. !:- )

  30. Journey to 327.000 year ago light speed cornering main year via: permision share spell year 2021?.

  31. The Very Best Star Trek Fan Fim Ive Ever Seen! Really Excellent!

  32. a very well done movie Good acting and effects.. I always struggle with the paradox of time travel Shouldnt the 31st century have the history of how it all worked out? Observe but do not interfere,,, unless history starts to unfold differently. what about multivers? A good job of not letting paradox speculation cloud the story.

  33. Cinematography and lighting is complete shite… bokeh lensing is over used and freekin horrible effect. Otherwise story is interesting.

  34. Holy crap, at best this is just pathetic, nothing else worth saying.

  35. Pretty good. I watched the whole drama ! Hope to see more…in the future !

  36. Watchable!!
    but dang Scotty , do we have to have the bloom factor set at 10???

  37. Pretty awesome production, I enjoyed it. Shame about the soft focus and lens flares, and what I suspect is bad compression leading to a poor video quality (I have it set at 1080p, but it looks like 480p).

  38. I´m a Babylon 5 -guy, but I give credit to Star Trek as basic sci-fi, which is usually quite well done. This Horizon beat the very weird STD and Star Trek Picard any day. What it may lose in production value and visual side, it overwhelms both of those series with much better storyline and normal, likable characters.

  39. Thank You. So many of us back from childhood have had a lifelong love of Star Trek and its amazing stories and even more amazing subtle and very serious lessons in human nature and living The Golden Rule. I am eternally indebted to Gene Roddenberry for his contribution to advancement of human VALUES that go towards the light of the stars which are not as far as they used to be. Alcubierre theories and all that will enable us to achieve the inconceivable of yesterday are the best of human nature. Thank You all who embrace these positive values.

  40. Mind blown that this is a FAN film! Well done peoples….well done whoever you are.

  41. Thank you, i really loved this and wish there was more films to watch. I hate the new series and i consider this more canon than them. Any chance you could do a Stargate film based on the tv shows?

  42. Its sad that CBS and Moronves killed them off. Because people like you were producing better Star Trek than they were.

  43. Well done, although the depth of field effects and lens flares are a bit heavier than needed to disguise the lack of actual sets (It gets a bit annoying at times). Good acting though. great actually! and everyone involved seems very, very dedicated to making this film the best that it can be. It looks like a millon dollar movie, at least but Id bet it was done for much less! Much props to the creators!

  44. at least harrison was better then archer acting was alittle shallow wasnt as serious more direct but a brilliant short film worthy of canon

  45. I hate video that talks too much. The human emotion is so chaotic when it just keeps clouding the judgement creating a lot of mistakes and poor choice.

  46. This is a good film ,well done but most of the actors have had too many hamburgers and fries with extra large Cokes, if were going to kick alien asses were going to have to lose some Weight, I want to eat a whole alien myself cooked in chilli sauce,so our crews have to be up to catching them not so flabby my dinner gets away! But overall well done for fan made. Im open for recipes. PS dont want to hear any crap about my foods rights Im from the alt universe.T

  47. Ingenieur said He didnt rapair previous you didnt stop shoting
    Tüt tüp

  48. Acting was good and story line good. I rate it a 4 star. The video screen lighting was too bright for the first half of the movie then it cleared up about 53 minutes into the movie. All in a days work? One can Hope! Thank You for the movie!

  49. I dont like it…..at all…the movie

  50. Effects A, camera work B, acting C- , so this is about as good as the theater for star trek. Nice job

  51. To quote Spock… Fascinating. I was very impressed! Please let me know when you make more!

  52. Those ship are pitiful!!! Cant even keep itsship intact by a few small blast.

  53. the thing i never liked about star trek was the eternal cold war narrative. better to stick with exploration of the galaxy

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